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Monday, January 26, 2015

Shipping Delays Due To Storm

Hi there, Friends. I wanted to inform you that orders dated to ship tomorrow, January 27th will be delayed due to an historic storm we're expecting here in Massachusetts. I'm hoping these order will ship out by Thursday or Friday of this week.

Also, please note that orders received over the next few days may also experience a shipping delay for the same reason.

I apologize for the delay but please know we'll do everything we can to get your orders out as soon as possible. Thank you for understanding!

I foresee lots of shoveling in my future :( ....hmmmm.....maybe I can get in some crafty time if we're going to be snowed in? :)



  1. I have shoveling in my future too... :)

    Stay safe!

  2. Do you have any idea when my order shipped, the tracking says the 26th put it just says a label was created, I'm guess it hasn't gone out yet.

    1. Hi Amy! All pending orders went out in this morning's mail. I expect that tracking information will update later today if it hasn't already. Thank you for your patience. This storm brought both 30 inches of snow and the stomach flu but we're happy to be back to business as usual. Thank you!