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Pinwheel Die Tutorial

Here is a photo tutorial showing how to use the Pinwheel Die from Lil' Inker Designs. This tutorial will also work for our brand new Mini Pinwheel Die as well! Both are super easy and FUN!

Tools Required:
Pinwheel Die, die cutting machine, one brad (the longer the *stem* the better) Optional: glue dots, lollipop stick, embellishments

Meet the Pinwheel Die (Original die pictured here). With some easy assembly it becomes a beautiful, 3-D pinwheel perfect for cards, scrap book pages, gift tags and MORE! Six die cuts will form your final or full pinwheel, so this is what one looks like.
This is 6 pinwheel petals all cut and waiting for assembly. I knew I wanted this fun orange dot pattern to be my *inside* pattern or the prominent pattern on my pinwheel so I placed my paper with the desired side facing up and my die on top of it cut side down. Choose your *inside* pattern (which is what I've been referring to it as), then inside pattern side up and die on top of it cutting side down. EASY!

After all your petals are cut, stack them all on top of each other and insert your brad into the hole on the longer, straighter edge of the die cut so that the *head* is on the opposite side and the *stem* is poking up through the stack and facing you.
Then, in order one by one start bringing over the opposite sides of the petals and secure onto your brad. (OR you can bring them all over at the same time if you can keep your holes lined up making assembly even FASTER!) We are basically working backwards, so you will be seeing your pinwheel from the back at this point. When each petal has been folded over, secure your brad closed. You may see something that looks like this:
or this after you've fanned everything out Flip it over and you're done! Ta-daaaaa! Isn't it so pretty and cute? You can use your pinwheel exactly like this, but I like to add a *stem* and some embellishments. Also, sometimes I lightly press my finger over the folds of the pinwheel to flatten them ever so slightly, but it's really not necessary.
I like to add a stem 2 different ways. A strip of paper works great, but here I'll show you how a lollipop stick is really fun! These are just the Wilton's lillipop sticks that are 2.5 in long. I think I got them on sale for $1.39 for 150 of them! I also like to add buttons and twine. I find all of these embellishments are easily secured with craft size glue dots.
I added coordinating buttons in a stack and tied with some hemp twine and then plopped it (technical term, ha) right onto my roll or glue dots.
Then, pull off the button embellie and add it right to the center of your pinwheel!
I add the stick by rolling one end of it in a glue dot
and then sticking it to the back of the pinwheel. And just for a bit of added, extra hold you can now add a piece of small tape over the stick. This method will even still allow you to adjust your petals afterwards if you do it carefully.
That's all there is to it, my friends! Here is your completed and embellished pinwheel! From here you can add it to a card or gift packaging or even a home decor project! And paired with the coordinating Pinwheel Sentiments stamp set it's the cutest! So, it's pretty simple don't you think?

I hope you've enjoyed seeing how easily this comes together! I just know you are going to love having these goodies in your collection to create fun cards, home decor and more!

The Pinwheel Die and coordinating Pinwheels Sentiments stamp set can be purchased from our store HERE.
Ingredients: Stamps: Pinwheel Sentiments, Sentiment Flags(Lil' Inker Designs with ag designs) Paper: Mabel Collection from Stella and Rose(My Mind's Eye) Accessories: Pinwheel die(Lil' Inker Designs with ag designs), buttons(PTI), hemp twine, brad(SU!), lollipop stick(Wilton's)