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Monday, November 11, 2013

Announcing a Design Team Call and Some Pre-Release Sneak Peeks

Well, hello there!

Our next release here at Lil' Inker Designs is not until November 18th, but I thought it would be fun to do something a little bit different this time around. I thought we could share some sneak peek projects this week before our official release on on the 18th!

Let's get right to it!

We wanted to design a Cover Up Die for you with an organic feel - something that isn't based on a geometric shape or repeating pattern. Being that I was designing products for release during the Fall this is what we arrived at! We call it Cover Up Die: Leaf Pattern!

Our brand new Cover Up Die: Leaf Pattern will be available for purchase on November 18th! 

Teaser - This die's negative cuts feature our signature stitching detail!

Ok, and here is one more sneak peek for you. 

YES, you can FINALLY breathe a sigh of relief!!! Your wait for Stitched Mats: Ovals IS OVER!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you to you all for waiting so patiently, LOL!!

We'll see you tomorrow with another Pre-Release Sneak Peek!



Beginning today, we are accepting applications for 2-3 spots on our Design Team!

Do you have a passion for stamps and dies? Would you like to join a team of established and talented designers? Do you like to laugh and have fun? Would you like to represent Lil' Inker Designs with your creativity? Well, then READ ON! :)

We're looking for applicants who....
  • have a blog, Facebook account, Pinterest account, access to Flickr and able to work with Drop Box for file sharing 
  • are able to create one project for each product brought to market during a new release
  • are able to create 3-4 blog posts for each new release
  • are able to create 2 projects with posts per month (in addition to new release projects)
  • are able to take great pictures of projects
  • are able to create and share your best work
  • are able to commit to at least a 6 month term
  • are able to meet deadlines
  • live in the USA (due to shipping costs and length of package arrival)

New team members will receive 
  • national and international exposure for their personal blog and creative projects
  • the ability to work with incredibly talented and established designers
  • a one time 50% discount shopping code and up to $50 in additional products of their choosing to get started(based on inventory available)
  • all products released during their term at no cost
  • a custom designed watermark and blog badge
  • a 25% team purchase discount
  • a generous magazine publication incentive

If you're interested in applying to be a part of our awesome team please send the following to (that's lil inker design team call at gmail dot com) with subject line Design Team Call by November 25th, 2013 11:30 PM, EST

  • Name
  • E-Mail Address
  • Address
  • Blog Address
  • Personal Facebook Page link if you have one (one is not necessary to apply) 
  • Current & past design team and or challenge team affiliations listing the time/term spent with each
  • Direct links for up to 5 blog posts containing your best work
  • Creative achievements such as magazine publications and/or recognitions, etc... if any
  • Tell us a little about yourself! Be sure to include additional interests and talents that could be beneficial to our company and what we do and anything else that you think is pertinent to your application. 
Toot your horn! This is your opportunity to shine and stand out from the crowd!!

We'll be accepting applications over the next two weeks and decisions will be made shortly after. 
I don't believe that we will able to email applicants who weren't chosen. If you don't receive an email from us keep trying and know that we'll be picking guest designers right from our applicant pool!

Thank you, good luck and have fun!



  1. I stayed up late for this I won't be able to sleep! I think we all have been just dying for those ovals and 2-3 Design Team spots? Get ready for a landslide of applicants...I can not wait!

  2. I was SUPER excited to read about the DT call - until I got to the bit about living in the United States - does the united states of Australia count?!?

  3. Me too! I am with Lyndal. Was super excited to read about DT call until " live in United States" bit :( I am asking the same question. Does The United States of Australia count?

  4. yay for sneak peeks and yay for design team call..

  5. Sneek peaks have me amped up with excitement (and maybe for a change I'll pay CLOSE attention to when they're ready to purchase!). As for new DT members: what a great opportunity for the abundance of talented crafters out there! Excited to see who will win this honour!

  6. I love the leaf cover up. It looks like it could be used as flames too!

  7. ohmygosh....those peeks are awesome. looooove the leaf cover plate and the stitched ovals are beautiful! woohoo!

  8. Gee! I was so disappointed when I got to the part about having to live in the USA
    This is such a shame!
    Other companies allow and welcome international designers on their teams.

  9. Love the sneak peeks. Can't wait for the oval dies...the design and papers you used on your oval card are fantastic!

  10. Wow great love these peaks. And yes it's a pity about the DT call.

  11. What about if the international applicants agreed to pay for the difference in postage? C'mon, Canada's not THAT far north... Looking forward to next week.

  12. so excited about the call. Love the sneak peaks.

  13. YAY for stitched oval dies!!! Definitely been awaiting those! And DT call - how fun would that be! Good luck to all!

  14. Omg!! How AWESOME!! I'd LOVE to be on your DT Team!! ;) i have a Feeling youre going to have some tough decisions to make though!!! ;) tha ks so much for the chance and have a Fabulous Week!! ;)

  15. So when is someone going to discover how to "beam up" product so that we don't have to use the dang postal system?!?!? Good luck deciding on your next DT members. And kudos on your organic cover plate die!