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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Pre-Release Sneak Peek Day 2

Hello! Did you like yesterday's peeks and our big announcement? If you missed either click HERE or scroll down to catch up :)  (psssst....we're having a Design Team Call)

Would you like to have another look at something we're releasing next week?

This next little die does BIG things! We call it On the Diagonal!

(project and photo courtesy of Jen Carter)

Look closely.....go ahead :) .............
Do you see it? One of this dies MANY uses includes making this super cool, stitched layout. Here Jen used our On the Diagonal Die with her Stitched Mats: Rectangles leaving her with two main stitched pieces for her card front and this great diagonal space where she put that gorgeous sentiment!

Again, that's just one of many things this little die can do and of course we'll show you EVERYTHING it can do during release week next week!  

I think it might make more sense if you see this next card....

Here is just one of many other things this little guy can do.........

SEE HOW AWESOME THIS IS! It makes me so excited! In this example, On the Diagonal is just run through a machine with white paper which cuts out this fantastic diagonal stitched sentiment panel. This is NO ORDINARY stitched strip! It possesses magical paper crafting powers, I swear! HA!

The above photos may or may not contain other goodies coming next week - what do you think?  I'm cruel. I know!

Are you getting even more excited for next week??

There's moooooore! Stay tuned as I'll be showing you some other projects as we get ready for our next release beginning on November 18th. 

If you'd like more information about our current Design Team Call please scroll down for more information or click HERE.

See you very soon!!!



  1. oh my word HOW AWESOME.. i totally love it.. my list is growing again... lol.. can't wait to see more..

  2. Oh...WOW! Love the diagonal die...and with all the stitching! What a surprise that one is!

  3. such a tease! loooove what i'm seeing. thanks for the peeks.

  4. Awesome die and these cards are GORGEOUS!

  5. Awesome, awesome die I love angles on a card.

  6. Awesome X fabulous! LOVE this...can I start ordering now please (I know, I know...patience until the 18th).

  7. Laura, this is awesome! Love the stitched look!

  8. This die IS so awesome! Oh my goodness...I'm so excited!