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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Paper Crafts & Scrapbooking Magazine Special Thanks! Blog Hop

Hello there, Friends. Thank you so much for swinging by my blog today! I'm delighted and honored to be a part of today's hop for Paper Crafts & Scrapbooking Magazine.

You should have arrived here from Angel Rivera's Blog. If you'd like to start at the beginning of this hop and see everyone's contributions please click here to head back to Jennifer McGuire's Blog.

I'm not a prolific writer and I'm terrible at goodbyes and heartfelt thank yous unless in person and maybe that's why I love making cards so much come to think of it. The mere fact that I've handmade a greeting I hope helps to convey something even more special than what I'm able to write inside.

Paper Crafts, you truly are AWESOME in every way. Being a part of your magazine as a contributor was mind blowing. I've never felt as accomplished as I did when I was first published within your pages. Then later, when I began Lil' Inker Designs you supported me and for that I'm truly blessed. Thank you!

I will always remember how I jumped up and down for close to an hour when I received an email that I had WON the 2011 Stamping Royalty Contest which would also be my first publication. Honest to goodness it was the happiest day! My in laws were here and I'm sure I cried a little and they all thought I was NUTSO!

I'll always laugh about how I hadn't a clue I'd won the World Card Making Day Contest in 2013 until my phone started blowing up in my pocket with congrats messages as I scooped cat poops at my brother's house while he was away. I jumped up and down (with the scooper in my hand) in disbelief and I must have yelled because his neighbor walked over to find out what was going on! HA!! 

I truly cherish each and every time I received an email from you saying a project had been accepted for publication. I consider those projects pieces of art that I'm proud of and I've framed some of my seasonal favorites and incorporate them into my decor. I always think of Paper Crafts when I see them!

Card Making is part of my every day. It's a part of me. Your beautiful publication was one of the reasons card making became such a big part of my life. I am thankful to you and your team for those influences. THANK YOU!!! 

Our paper crafting community is losing something great. It was our common bond! We loved our Facebook Acceptance Parties and our Reject Blog Hops! We love how you've enabled us all to hoard and amass tons of products that we love but teach us how to use what we have in our stash and craft with our scraps and even household items. You challenged us try try our best and work towards perfecting our craft.  It just plain stinks that we have to say goodbye!

Paper Crafts you really are awesome in every way. Thank you!

I made this card especially for this hop using goodies that will be releasing in the Lil' Inker Designs store this Saturday, December 6th!

I hope you'll continue along our hop today. Your next stop is Beth Pingry.

Have a look at this amazing video before you go! It's unbelievable how many lives Paper Crafts has touched!

If you would like to leave a comment and tell me about how Paper Crafts has touched your life I will choose a winner at random to receive a $25 store credit at Lil' Inker Designs!!

Also, a HUMUNGOUS thank you to my pal and former design team member, Taheerah Atchia, for putting this hop together for all of us to enjoy. I know a ton of work went into today and I'm so appreciative of Taheerha's hard work and the work of all involved!

Thanks, Everyone!




  1. Nutso...that cracked me up....non-paper crafters don't get all that goes into the paper crafting thing, right?!
    Love your post and your gorgeous card.

  2. Paper Crafts was the first magazine I ever submitted to. I didn't get in, but it was a good stepping stone for me!

  3. this magazine has been in my house since the beginning!!! I always go to it when I'm not feeling inspired!! And even tho they are no longer that won't be changing!!

  4. Well this card making is new to me. I just ordered via girl scout magazine sale the paper crafting magazine. So how it has affected my life????? I just lost my magazine subscription dollars. It appears that it was a great magazine! I am sad that I will never get it!

  5. Love that sentiment! Such a fun, bold card!

  6. Hey Laura!! I love your card. I love the new rectangle stitched dies you used too. I can't wait for those to come out on the 6th.

  7. Paper Crafts was the first magazine I picked up when I got into card making. I was always inspired by their projects. I'm sorry to see them go.

  8. I'm new to papercrafts and wanted to subscribe to them!!! I've always loved actual magazines so was sad to hear they are closing. :((( wishing the employees the best of luck in their future endeavors and thankful that they touched so many lives with their support and creativity

  9. Many years ago, I joined the paper crafts message board online. I wanted to meet other fellow crafters. I joined and hosted many swaps at the message board. Lots of wonderful memories. As a result of joining the message board, many online friendships were created. The message board was also a support board. Sometimes you just needed some support to help you or even others going thru a difficult time. It was a wonderful community to be a part of.

  10. Oh I love your card, so cute! Paper Crafts has made a huge difference in my life. I now have a hobby. I used to just work and work and work and sometimes read and garden but mostly work. Now I can't wait to get off work and check on line to see what goodies are out there, what other people made and the how to's. So basically, now I have a life, lol.

  11. Nice card! I looked forward to each issue arriving. When it did, I would flip through it, marking anything of interest with a post it. Sometimes that ended up to be nearly every page. Then I would go back and read it page-by-page including pouring over every advertisement. Then I would pick one card/project/technique to try and get out my stuff and "do it." I don't think I would have continued making cards or paper crafts, had it not been for this outstanding publication. I will miss it greatly. And ... all the familiar faces.

  12. Fantastic card, and I loved reading your post Laura!

  13. And your post is awesome in every way. I have loved reading all the sweet memories.

  14. Well I 'discover' PC&S magazine when I started stamping in Nov 2010, I subscribed to it before Christimas and it has been my inspiration since then, I knew most of my favorite crafters through it, it's sad we won't have it for much longer, but I'm very thankful for how it influenced my life in the last 4 years.

  15. Lovely card, and truly heart felt post. I loved looking through the magazines for card ideas, but also to see names of people I 'knew' from blogland. Got a vicarious thrill seeing my friends in print, although I never submitted anything. Loved reading about the trends, participating in the challenges, and even won a few prize drawings over the years.

  16. I have always read their magazine
    and loved learning new techniques
    from the articles. Always had such
    beautiful pictures of the projects, will
    truly miss this wonderful magazine.
    Carla from Utah

  17. LOVELY card, FABULOUS memories and BEAUTIFUL tribute Laura!!!
    I'm sad with losing PC&S too - they have been a wonderful source of creative inspiration and an introduction to a world of talented crafters too.

  18. Love the PC&S magazine! Will miss it :(

  19. I never submitted anything for publication but I sure can understand that pooper scopper happy dance! LOL! Your card is so beautiful. There is something about black & white with a pop of red... but then you added the gold awesome, and WOW! Made me think of that old girl scout song we used to sing.. make new friends but keep the old.. one is silver and the other gold!

  20. I'm so sad to see another great source of inspiration stop production. I have been scrapbooking and Cardmaking for many years and always loved having my stash of magazines to turn to for inspiration, only to watch them dwindle away over the last few years. Don't get me wrong, The Internet is a great source but will never replace the experience of getting your new magazine...the excitement of getting new inspiration, the look (pretty pictures), the feel (smooth glossy pages), the smell...i mean isn't that what papercrafting is all about?!

  21. Paper Crafts was very important in my crafting. I had a subscription and when I didn't I took copies out of the library and poured over them for the ideas. They will be greatly missed.

  22. Great card, Laura, and even though you're not a writer, it was a great post. It's still hard to believe PC & S will be no more. When I first started stamping, I read through their blog posts, entered their contests (and won lots of goodies), subscribed to their magazine & loved it, and just learned so much from all their talented staff and guests. Even though I never entered my creations in their challenges, I thoroughly enjoyed seeing & voting on the entries. Sure hate to see this story come to an end, but they will live forever in my heart.