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Monday, January 28, 2013

Some Changes to Our Shipping Methods and Rates

Hello there!  I want to talk shipping with you. The US Postal Service made some recent and dramatic rate increases specifically to international shipping and unfortunately we've been forced to make some changes as well.

For our customers in the United States, any order $10 or less will be shipped via USPS First Class with tracking for $3.75.

Orders $10.01 and greater will be shipped via USPS Flat Rate Priority Shipping for $5.65(increased from $5.40), a small change there.

There are more significant changes to our International orders.

All orders to Canada up to 1 lb. in weight will be shipped First Class with tracking for $9.50.

For these orders, if and when there is a significant overpayment for shipping (anything over $2) you will be refunded the difference via PayPal. There may still be some instances where you will need to be invoiced for additional shipping when an order weighs over 1 lb.

I have also added Flat Rate Priority International Shipping to Canada at a rate of $20.50. This will provide our customers with faster shipping for those customer who prefer to request expedited shipping.

For Australia and the UK there will be some new shipping options as well.

First Class International Shipping can be selected for $16.95 for orders up to 1 lb. in weight. And just like with our Canadian deliveries, you will be refunded for any significant overages (over $2).

Flat Rate Priority International Shipping can also be selected for our Australian and UK customers at a cost of $24.50.

We have decided that shipping to ALL other countries and territories will be shipped Flat Rate Priority International at a cost of $24.50.

Please note, the LEAST expensive method will be applied to your order at check out. If you prefer to upgrade your shipping to Priority International you will have to log into your PayPal account and select the other method from your shipping options. See these examples below... (if these pictures are small you can click on them).

We realize the significant increases to our shipping and we apologize for having to make these adjustments. If you have any questions or concerns about our new shipping methods please contact me at

Thank you!



  1. This is such a shame Laura, in the UK our postal charges went up dramatically last year and it really makes things ridiculously expensive to ship. Your postal charges have always been reasonable but I realise this is beyond your control. I sometimes think the postal services are pricing themselves out of business!!

  2. i totally understand your pain with these price increases :( over here in Oz our prices went up so very much 2 months ago. they got rid of the 250gm prices so now to ship to america it costs $14.00 for 500gms then the next jump it 1 kilo which is $30.00! it is crazy!
    all it means for me is i will have to buy more of your product to make the post worth while :p

  3. Hi Laura,
    I live in Holland and for me the postage is going to be a problem. I order for around $30 to avoid customs, to pay almost the same amount for the shipping is really going to be too much.
    It is a shame, although I do of course fully understand your decision and why you are forced to raise your shipping costs.

    There is just one thing I would like to mention. My experience with First Class International Mail is many times better and much much quicker than the Priority mail. It is a shame that this option is now only offered to the UK and not to Holland and Belgium.
    Are there any stores in the UK of Holland that sell your product?

    I really love your dies! I'm glad that I ordered most of them earlier.