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Sunday, July 24, 2011


These next several days are going to be fun, fun, fun! Starting tomorrow, we will begin revealing our brand new Design Team Members each day one by one! I'm so excited I can hardly stand it and I think the ladies are just as excited to share their news with you as I am!

Then join us here on August 8th. We will be bringing you our very first group post as a team, our Kick Off Hop! It's sure to be loaded with inspiring designs from some incredibly talented ladies!

We'll start our today with a little *get to know* about myself and Ariana Grant.

Thanks for stopping by today and don't forget to visit the blogs of the designers as they are revealed and let them know how excited you are for them!

Hiee! I’m Laura, owner of Lil’ Inker Designs. I live just outside of Boston, Massachusetts with my incredibly awesome and supportive husband Keith and our smart, so funny and VERY BUSY three year old son, Keithie.

I’ve been stamping since 2003, but it wasn’t until I started working from home in 2008 when I REALLY started becoming passionate about stamping. In 2010 I decided to take this passion and to a whole new level.

I was using a flag for my sentiments on a regular basis, but I was cutting these flags by hand. Each time the notched end would be crooked and imperfect. When I researched the internet for a die that would cut this shape and didn't find one I was surprised and motivated to create one myself! I figured if I wanted this die for my collection then maybe lots of other crafters would too!

After much research and communication with manufacturers I knew I needed a graphics artist and then like a lightbulb a friend’s name popped into my head. Ariana Grant, now a professional graphics artist, and I went to High School together and it was our reconnection via Face Book that brought us here today. Ariana is the “ag” of “Lil’ Inker Designs with ag designs” and this venture would not be possible without her! While I have a creative vision for new products it’s Ariana that makes them come to life! We brought our first product Sentiment Flags to market in the Fall of 2010 and we’re currently working on our upcoming fourth release together!

I have a desire and commitment now more than ever to grow this business one little step at a time. It's my commitment to bring you new products that are innovative and FUN to work with. It's my dream to build this line and become a favorite company you love to visit.

I am the ag in the team up of “Lil’ Inker Designs with ag designs”, Ariana Grant. Laura and I went to high school together. She contacted me one day with her ideas about producing stamps and dies for her card making passion. I said YES and here we are today!

Art has always been something that I do. I met my now husband of ALMOST 10 years in a college Art class! I have BFA in Graphic Design and work full time in prepress for a specialty printer in MA. Through high school and college I was always involved in some art class or project. Later on I discovered decorated books and scrapbooking and then even made a few cards here and there for family. Now my ventures are wedding invitations and of course any ideas Laura has here.

I have two boys, Kiernan is turning 6 next week, and Logan is almost 7 months old. They are so much fun to watch! Working full time and being a mom of two keeps me busy. I say all the time that I wish I had more time to do more creative things, but doing the graphic design for Lil' Inker keeps my hand in it all. This is the “balance” I have arrived at. I’d love it if you’d visit my blog at

See you tomorrow with the annoucement of our first designer!


  1. So great to get to know you girls more ; )
    Here's to a successful launch of all things Lil' Inker Design!!

  2. I am sooo excited about joining this team, it is nice to learn more about you both!

    enjoy *~*

  3. Laura and Ariana.....THANK YOU so much for this DT opportunity! I am beyond excited!!