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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Update on Everything!

Hellooo! I'm here with an update on everything!

Sentiment Flags:

So as of today, I am sold out of Sentiment Flags dies and I will be removing the link for ordering and putting up a back order message. I hope that if you've come here to place an order you will take an extra minute to send me an email at to let me know. THEN, I'd like to invite you to follow the blog here. I have a BIG promotion scheduled for May 17th and if all goes well I will be re-ordering at that time, possibly even before. :)


I am waiting for my restock of pinwheel stamps to arrive. I thought they would have been here today but sadly they're not. I'm hoping Monday at the latest. I'm having them overnighted when they do ship so they will be here speedy fast!

Overall I have a total of 18 orders waiting to go out! Everyone has been so happy and patient. I can't thank you enough! A few more days, Everyone!

Thank you for making this new business venture such a big success! Thank you!!!

In the meantime, are you getting excited?? We are getting ready to release our next die and stamp set! It's still a good few weeks away and I'm excited to say I don't know of anything like it on the market! I think you are going to LOOOOOOOVE it! And as soon as possible we are going to do a pre-order which I will announce here.

Because I like include something pretty to look at when you stop by, today's eye candy is courtesy of Kristin Eberline of her blog Mindless Creativity and features the Pinwheel die from Lil' Inker Designs. Stop by to visit and leave her some love HERE. Enjoy!


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