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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Another Fun Sentiment Flags Tree!

I couldn't help myself! I just had to make another Christmas Tree using Sentiment Flags and I did just that for today's Color Throwdown Challenge.

I felt in my first post showing you a tree like this, I could have given you more details as to how to make the tree and so here I am with a few photos and a brief explanation.

Start by cutting 5 Sentiment Flags from green felt.
Take one flag, fold it in half and using sharp scissors cut a *V* out of the flag using the flag end as your guide and then tie baker's twine or even ribbon directly in the center of your flag.

Now take 2 Sentiment Flags and stack them neatly and evenly on top of one and other and cut off approximately one quarter of an inch from the flat end(without the tail. Keeping the flags in place, I quickly stitched the ends together with the flags on top of one and other...nothing fancy, just secure enough!
Now open your flag and repeat twine treatment directly in the center.
Repeat this step above cutting off less so that your bottom branch will be the longest when complete.

I used a popsicle stick to complete my tree, but you don't have to. You could use a paper base, but I kind of liked this idea so I went with it and covered my stick with cork paper for the bark of the tree. Then, where my branches will be I glued on some felt scraps to cover up the cork from showing a bit, but you don't have to. Leaving some rooms for your star, glue down your branches putting them as close together as possible and lining up your centers as best you can. Trim *trunk* if you like, but you don't have to. I'm using craft and mini glue dots where ever I say glue down, by the way. They are the easiest glue to work with in my opinion.

You're going to laugh at me, but I don't have a small star punch! So I had to come up with a way to make one. I used the stem of an exclamation point from an alphabet die set that I have. It's the Junior alpha from SU I believe and I just glued them together in the shape of a star, added a button with sparkle twine and glued to my stick with a pop up dot. CUTE right??!!

It seems like a lot of steps having typed it all out, but it actually goes together pretty quickly! Try one for yourself! I have plently of single Sentiment Flags dies in stock today. A die by itself is only $5 plus s&h. The bundles are priced at $15 for the stamp set and die plus s&h and currently there are only two left in stock!

Thanks so so much for coming by today!
Have a fantastic holiday!
Accessories: Sentiment Flag die(Lil' Inker Designs), baker's twine: sparkle($5 French Market on ETSY, purple(The Twinery), button, felt(PTI), Junior alphabet dies(SU!), cork paper, glue dots(AC Moore), popsicle stick(my stash),

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