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Using Dies With Alignment Tool Feature - Tutorial

Hello. In this tutorial I will show you using pictures and descriptions how to use the new built in alignment tool in our Coffee Cozies Die Set!
Meet the Coffee Cozies Die Set! All four dies come bundled together with their adorable Coffee Cozies Stamp Set. If you look closely, you will notice that just on the outside edge of the dies are these tiny circles. These are called the registration marks (or built in alignment guides).

A closer view...

These registration marks do not have to be used to use these dies properly. They are an option for you if you like perfect placement or find that you ever struggle with stamping on dies.

If you choose to use this feature, first you need to die cut a negative. This is simply done by finding the nearest scrap, lining up the entire set on that scrap and CUT! The nice thing is this negative can be stored with your dies and used over and over again.

After cutting, you are left with a negative image of the dies which just so happens to have the little circles I mentioned above. These are the registrations!

Now that you've created your negative you can get stampy! Stamp and/or color the images you are going to use on your project onto cardstock. Here I used the lid stamp, and striped cozy stamp.

Now, take your negative and place it over your stamped image. In the photo below, I'm showing you how I lined up the coffee cozy die negative over my coffee cozy stamped image.

See how nice and even I've lined everything up?

Take a pen or marker, I prefer a marker, and color in the circles or registration marks surrounding your stamped image.

Below is what you'll be left with after making all your marks and removing your negative.

Now, go back to you cutting machine and grab your die(s). Line up your die over your stamped image so that you can see the marks you made through the registration holes in your dies. Here you can tape your die down, but I prefer just to go for it and CUT!

Below are my perfectly stamped die cuts which I'm going to use to show you a little project!

Ta Daaaaaaaaaaaa! A cute little mini card made in less than 10 minutes!

It really is so simple to use the registration marks on the dies and only take a few minutes time. BUT PLEASE remember this is an available option for use and you can easily achieve the same results by cutting your dies first and stamping directly on them.

I hope you found this informative and useful! Please let me know if you have any questions by emailing me at lilinkerdesigns at gmail dot com.

Thank you!